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so i saw somewhere earlier it’s annes birthday tomorrow i’m not emotionally prepared for pictures of a reunion with mama styles,

from the new previews of this new music video even zayn can’t believe he’s real.

[thinks to himself] wow such pretty hands

Don't Wait            

by Mapei            


Don’t Wait | Mapei (1/12)

if i celebrated thanksgiving i would be thankful for things like niall looking hella good in light blue and the selfies he takes 


a new ask meme: go to my ask and paste the last thing you copied and send it to me without any explanation

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100% here for guys who aren’t assholes looking like the biggest assholes that ever existed

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[licks laptop screen]

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if one direction actually get to number one on sunday my favourite thing will be niall having a meltdown and probably shitting his pants with excitement over the whole situation

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but this overload generation band from the x factor trying so hard to be like one direction is making me very uncomfortable 

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but when niall wears light denim coloured shirts and it matches his eyes perfectly and i want to dig my heart out of my chest with a spoon

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is one direction literally the only current major act in the word who hasn’t been on live lounge 

basically yes and i’m very upset about the whole situation.

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